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12/31/2014 Manifesting Your Intentions (Encore)
We all fall short, once in a while, of not making the right choices even when we believe we are. Why is this? It’s usually because we’re really not clear in our intentions, so we end up manifesting old habits. To change this process, then we need to create new habits—habits that support our intentions rather than sabotage them. Tune-in and learn more about how to set clear intentions.
12/24/2014 How Doing for Others can do Wonderful Things for You (Encore)
Well, it’s finally been scientifically proven; the people with generous spirits tend to be happier, healthier, and live longer. In fact, scientists now know that generosity is one of nature’s ways of keeping us well. Join me and learn about the healing power of giving and sharing.
12/17/2014 The Conversations with Carol Show
Do you want to talk to me personally? Do you have questions about your health, your life, your relationships or your career? Well if you do, then this show is just perfect for you to get your answers. Why? It's the Conversations with Carol Show. That means for a full hour, I'm going to be taking your calls and tapping into your energy to find the answers you're looking for. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and plan to join me as I share my intuitive skills. These shows are fun for me and enlightening for you.
12/10/2014 The Abyss: The Secret Chamber of the Human Heart
Between the 4th and the 5th Chakras lies an Abyss where the energy and wisdom of the soul heart resides. This abyss is often called the secret chamber of the human heart as it's where the soul and the human heart become one. This abyss, called the Crystal Chamber creates the sacred space where the soul attunes the human heart so it's able to form the connection with the most precious of cosmic forces –love, creation, and universal consciousness. Join me and learn more about the Abyss and how you can connect with it for the purpose of transcending the mental limitations of fear.
12/3/2014 Inner Peace for the Holidays (Encore)
The holidays aren't intended to be a chaotic time fraught with crisis, hassles, and long to-do lists. Instead, they're meant to be a time to focus on planning and doing what's important to us and our family. They're intended to be a time that focuses on celebrating the things that bring us joy. Join me as I share how to un-hassle the hassle of the holidays and how to manage holiday stress before it manages you.