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1/28/2015 The Conversations with Carol Show
Do you want to talk to me personally? Do you have questions about your health, your life, your relationships or your career? Well if you do, then this show is just perfect for you to get your answers. Why? It's the Conversations with Carol Show. That means for a full hour, Iím going to be taking your calls and tapping into your energy to find the answers you're looking for. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and plan to join me as I share my intuitive skills. These shows are fun for me and enlightening for you.
1/21/2015 The Hidden Meaning behind Hiatal Hernias
Do you have trouble stomaching things? Do you feel inadequate and overburdened with the demands of daily life? Do you feel like you're starving for attention? Do you feel you need to justify your existence? As a medical intuitive I've found these are some of the metaphors associated with a hiatal hernia. Tune-in and learn more about hiatal hernias, their causes and their symptoms. Discover the hidden psychological contributors behind them and what you can do to heal them.
1/14/2015 Living Abundantly - Living Simply
To use the words simply and abundantly in the same breath sounds like an oxymoron, and from the mind's perspective it is. The mind sees living simply as foregoing worldly possessions in order to live a life of sustained lack. It can't even fathom how this, in any way, reflects living abundantly. Yet, from the soul-heart's perspective, living simply†is†living abundantly and living abundantly†is†living simply. One begets the other. Tune-in and learn more about how your soul-heart defines abundance and simplicity, and learn how to create both in your life.
1/7/2015 Creating a Hardy Immune Personality
The understanding of the mind/body connection and how it impacts health has come a long way in the last 25 years. The combination of scientific evidence and a growing acceptance of how the mind and body imprint and imitate each other have caused health related fields to rethink the contributors behind illness. One of those contributors is personality and the important role it plays in why we become ill. Join me and learn how you can use your inherent personality traits to strengthen your immune system's ability to fight disease and to heal your body.