2/18/2015 The Personality Impact on the Love Connection (Encore)
Why is it that we each have unique needs in the love department? Why is it that we each define love differently and have different expectations around it? If love is love, then why isn't it a one-size fits all? Join me and learn how your personality impacts how you define love, the needs you have in order to feel loved, and how you express love. This show offers a different perspective of relationships and offers suggestions on what you can do to enhance your love life.
2/11/2015 The Conversations with Carol Show
Do you want to talk to me personally? Do you have questions about your health, your life, your relationships or your career? Well if you do, then this show is just perfect for you to get your answers. Why? It's the Conversations with Carol Show. That means for a full hour, I'm going to be taking your calls and tapping into your energy to find the answers you're looking for. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and plan to join me as I share my intuitive skills. These shows are fun for me and enlightening for you.
2/4/2015 The Number One Reason Why Relationships Get Rocky
I bet you're saying to yourself, "Yep, the number one reason relationships get rocky is because of money." Or you're saying, "No, it's got to be sex." Or perhaps you're saying, "It's none of these. It's not being able to communicate." And, while it's true that all of these can create a great deal of tension and conflict in a relationship it's not any of these. If you want to learn what the number one reason is why relationships get rocky, tune-in to this show. What you'll learn will change how you interact with that significant other in your life.