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Kind, compassionate and right on time
I reached out to Carol during a very low period of my life and she spoke to me with frankness while still speaking with total and complete love. It's been 3 weeks since our session and I'm still digesting everything that we covered in our time together. Our session was empowering because her wise and divine insight provided me with the information that I need to move in the direction of the fulfillment of my destiny. She never claims to be in the end-all-be all or omnipotent, instead, she uses her gifts to help those who have fallen off track and need assistance seeing through the muck that comes with being a human in this world! Leading up to our session, I prayed that I would be given all the information that I needed to get through this rough patch of my life. When things get difficult, Carol's suggestions are assisting me to carry on and push through instead of reverting to old habits and patterns that no longer serve me. As a Christian, I am able to use Carol's insight in combination with my faith to stay strong and not give up. Understand that having a session with Carol will NOT provide the answers to all your problems because YOU need to roll up your sleeves and do the work that comes with the information that will be presented to you in your session. I have a ton of work to do but because of my time with Carol and my faith, I feel more than equipped to take on the challenge and step into my destiny. If you are on the fence about meeting with her, don't be. In addition to her intuitive gifts, Carol is a scientist with over 20 years of experience in behavioral psychology and behavioral medicine and she is able to masterfully weave the science and the spirit together organically. I'm forever changed by my time with Carol and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet with her. I hope you take a leap of faith and experience Carol for yourself. - NH, Philadelphia, PA

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My amazing co-pilot for the long road back
After a year and a half of trying to recover from injuries that were the result of serious car accident, I sought out a reading with Carol because I had an instinct that my body was stuck and not healing because of other factors that I could not identify. In the reading Carol was able to identify where in my spine I was out of sync and from that information my practitioners and doctors were able to work with my body to bring me back into full range of motion, flexibility and strength.

Working with Carol through readings has taught me to listen and honor my instincts. When my gut is telling me something does not feel right, it is in my nature to want to push through anyway and make it ok. When I follow the suggested strategy from Carol which she gives based on my unique personality and temperament, I flourish in my relationships others, my health and work life.

Carol has done several readings for me. It may be that I contacted her because I was struggling with my direction in life. But the results from the readings always shed light on a complete holistic view. Everything is inter-related. My patterns overlap in all areas of my life. Carol has taught me that this is not good or bad. But simply how to learn to recognize what fuels my soul's desires and what drains me. She has taught me to exercise my spiritual muscles by staying present in my body. To breathe, pause and listen to what I am feeling emotionally, physically and mentally. Then, practice making the choice that brings joy.

Often during a reading someone else will pop in to the conversation, it can be totally off topic and unexpected. Carol is very flexible about addressing whatever comes up. She is very respectful to ask if it is ok to approach a sensitive topic. Once the reading is finished, I am so grateful for the audio recording because there is so much depth in what she covers. I need to listen again and again. Months later I can hear something that I did notice when I was first in the problem and I get to see how I have learned from the tools Carol has given me to practice in my daily life. I love her! - RG, Carlsbad, CA

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