Daily Soul Messages

Have you ever wondered how your soul sees you, your life, your relationships, your experiences?

Have you ever wondered what it would say to you? How it would guide you toward the fulfillment of your dreams and desires? What wisdom it would share with you?

Well now you can, as Messages from Your Soul  delivers daily, Monday thru Friday, to your email inbox, inspirational and insightful messages - messages designed to help you remember just how powerful, perfect, creative, and courageous you really are. Messages that will help you discover the simplistic way your soul sees life’s experiences and will reveal just how easy it is to change your perceptions of something. Messages that will encourage you to say “No” to worry, angst, and suffering and “Yes” to living, loving and laughing. Signup for these FREE daily messages using the form below. Learn more...

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The Message behind the Messages

As with most people, my journey of self-discovery hasn't been without its fits and starts, its ups and downs, and its dramas and traumas. Yet, in 1981 my journey took a sudden, and life changing, turn. I had a near-death experience. However, I'm not sure what "near" has to do with it, as I was declared clinically dead. Now in my book, that's not "near." That's fully dead.

During this transitional "dead time," I had a chance to reunite and reconnect with a part of me that's as real as my hand, my skin, and my physical body. I had a chance to connect with my soul. The invisible part of who we are and what is wiser than our brain can ever be, stronger and more courageous than we can ever imagine, and what is capable of healing not only what ails the body, but also what ails the human mind. I remember feeling the grace and the unconditional love our soul has for us, and being vividly aware of how its essence permeates every cell in our body providing it the spiritual nourishment needed to thrive, survive, and flourish. I remember touching the duality of my being with the gentle, kind and compassionate nature, and the strength and fearlessness of the inner warrior.

I heard my soul as it encouraged me to return to physical form so I could continue doing my life's work. Life work involving helping other's reunite and reconnect with their soul. Helping to make the presence of their soul so real to their mind that it would accept, without questioning, its messages, its intuitive insights, and the guidance it offers. My soul reminded me that I've been a scribe in many lifetimes, and that in addition to writing books, part of my work was to find creative ways to share the messages of soul for all of us.

When I returned to my body, I decided that I wanted to continue this conscious connection with my soul. I began writing daily messages capturing what it was telling me so I could use its insight and guidance to help me make sense of what happened to me. I found the process comforting and healing.

Unfortunately the intention only lasted for a short time before the demands of everyday life got in the way, and my daily messages stopped, as if they were falling on deaf ears. However, I found that whenever I reached out to my soul when I was feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and consumed by my own fears and insecurities, it was still there. It was still listening, supporting and loving me, and it was still sending me messages. I realized that it hadn't stopped talking to me, I just stopped listening. It was then that I realized the importance of being, rather than doing.

Fast forward to 2015 - The Year of Divine Appreciation, the year our soul is encouraging us to slow down, so we can experience the subtleness of life. So, we can see the things we miss when our mind is distracted as it races around wildly, trying to complete that endless list of tasks. Personally, I decided it was time for me to once again consciously reconnect with my soul and to bring forth its insights so I could change the way I live my life. It was time for me to listen to its messages. And one of those messages was to share the messages with others. Hence, the birth of Messages from Your Soul.

Since I made that decision, an interesting phenomenon has taken place. The people I've shared the messages with tell me that they're so uplifting, and they're like getting a giant hug from their soul and the from universe. How healing is that?

How Do You Get Started Receiving Your Messages?

All you need to do is to provide your email address in the subscription form above, and click "Subscribe Now." Then Monday through Friday, you'll receive the daily Messages from Your Soul in your inbox. And, the best part is, that it's FREE. I also invite you to share these messages with your friends and loved ones, and encourage them to subscribe as well. After all, our soul loves community, and believes that it's through a heartfelt connection that we can change how we all live our lives.

Here are Some Samples of the Messages

Look beyond the obvious, for things are never as they seem.
Love you,
Your Soul

Today is an awesome day for you to discover how awesome you really are.
Love you,
Your Soul

If you look into the face of a flower you will see it smile. How do I know this? Because you will smile back at it.
Love you,
Your Soul

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would never doubt your magnificence.
Love you,
Your Soul