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Grand Opening - The Ritberger Learning Center!
Grand Opening - The Ritberger Learning Center!


Do you feel as if there's something missing in your life? Are you going through the motions and not finding meaning and purpose in what you're doing? Does your life feel like it's getting harder? Are you questioning your life and thinking there must be more to it? Would you like to take control of your destiny? Are you ready to move beyond being a "seeker?" All of these questions are indicators that you're spiritually evolving, and are ready to step into your spiritual "mastery."

Welcome to the Ritberger Learning Center where we are dedicated to the advancement of the sacred wisdom, and where you'll find your answers in the events, activities, classes, and gatherings we offer.Please join us in this beautiful facility, and experience true belonging with like-hearted kindred souls.There's a good chance you'll fall in love with your spiritual community, with each other, and even more importantly, fall in love with your true self.

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Everything we experience in life has a story behind it, and more often than not, it's important for us to share our stories, because it's in the sharing of those stories that we learn from them, and initiate the changes needed to make our lives better and healthier. So here's my story.

In 1998, when my first book, Your Personality, Your Health, was released by Hay House, a friend gave me a Tarot reading for my birthday and encouraged (no, she actually pushed) me to go and see what the cards would reveal about my spiritual journey. Well, not really believing in that kind of stuff at the time, I dragged my feet and found every excuse in the book to not take her up on her generous gift. Then, one day she called, and frankly I had run out of excuses, so I promised her I would go. Wow! To say I had no idea what would take place was an understatement.

During the reading of the cards, the woman interpreting the cards suddenly shouted out, "You need to go to Egypt very quickly." I remember actually saying out loud, "Oh, Right! I don't think so. I'm not going to Egypt." Then she said, "No, you must. It's important. Your destiny will be revealed." I again said, "I'm not going to Egypt. My husband would never agree to it and I don't travel without him." Then she suggested I go there in my dreams because there's important information I need to retrieve. She went on to share how this information had to do with me being a teacher in the Egyptian 12-Gate Mystery School. What???? A mystery school and teaching? I ask her, "Are you sure it's me? "I'm just in the process of accepting that I'm an author."

I asked her, "How am I supposed to go to Egypt in my dreams?" She probably wanted to laugh out loud at my naivety, but was kind enough not to do so. She said, "Set the intention." Say out loud before you go to sleep, "Tonight I'm going to Egypt." Little did I understand at that time just how powerful setting intention really is. On the way home, I thought to myself, "How on earth am I going to explain to my husband what I'm doing when I say out loud in bed, "Tonight I'm going to Egypt." Can you imagine the response?

Well, the first night and many nights thereafter, I didn't go to Egypt. In fact, I found myself having a hard time of letting go of the thinking, "See, she didn't know what she was talking about." Then, one morning while in the shower, information starting flowing into my head. It flowed so quickly that I couldn't capture it, so I needed to write it down. Out of the shower I bolted and for over 2 hours I wrote down information about energy, chakras, illness and healing. I captured the mapping of illness in the human body, and how disease reflects ill thoughts and negative emotions. I wrote down the titles of 12 classes and the curriculum outline associated with each one of them. I later learned that these classes were the foundational classes taught to the initiates of the 12 Gate Mystery School.

When the information stopped flowing, I had filled three brand new letter size yellow ruled lined tablets. Talk about a download! However, the real surprise was that I saw myself capturing all of this information off the walls of my room in the sacred space associated with an Egyptian Mystery School. OMG! That explained why I have tablets of paper and pens in every room of my house. I didn't want to write on the walls again.

As a result of the Tarot reading, I launched the Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies in 2000, and for 16 years I used Catholic Retreats, Catholic Universities, and hotels as the sacred space for the classes. Yet, all of the time in the back of my mind I thought, "There must be a better way to do this." I remember thinking I needed my own space. I need to manifest a sacred space where teachers and students can meet and learn from each other. Where we can engage in activities that nourish our souls and that bring the sacred wisdom into our everyday lives.

A space where:

  • An Evening of Readings could be held.
  • Monthly Soul Gatherings are offered.
  • Spend a Day with Carol events are held.
  • Soul nourishing activities can be enjoyed.
  • Training and Certification programs are offered. Programs such as:
    • Intuition and Empath Training
    • Medical Empath Certification
    • Soul Mentoring Certification
    • Personality Certification
  • A variety of classes can be taught. Classes such as:
    • Subtle Energy Medicine and Chakra Healing
    • Spiritual Alchemy...Science of the Soul
    • Metaphysical, Alchemical, and the Secret Cosmic doctrines
    • Mind , Body and Soul
    • Metaphysics of Abundance and Manifestation

Fast forward to 2017...The Year of Allowing, and July of 2017, when the energy of allowing entered into a four month ebb. In this ebb, we were asked to reflect on our daily lives, and reevaluate how we spend our time. We were offered the opportunity to regroup and reprioritize where we invest our energy. When I did this, I realized that I spend most of my waking hours doing what's urgent and important to others, and not doing what's important to me. Bottom line, I realized I've had my priorities wrong. So in that revelation, I announced to the heavens that my new priorities regarding how I spend my time will be teaching, writing, and doing readings. Everything else needs to fit within these priorities.

Well, it wasn't a week after this heavenly announcement that a space became available right next to my bead shop. That's another story. As a result the Ritberger Learning Center was born. It took 7 months to build it out and get it ready, but the end results are well worth it. The classroom will seat 40-50 theater style, and 30-36 classroom style, so it's a good size space. Its colors are welcoming and healing, and there's even a meditation library where attendees can spend time journaling, and enjoy reading the variety of books in my extensive library. Talk about how powerful setting intention is and our ability to manifest if we just trust the process. Every day, I kept hearing from the Celestial Helpers, "Build it and they will come. " So, we did."

We also changed the name from the Ritberger Institute to the Ritberger Learning Center as the energy of 2018...The Year of Belonging is beckoning us to create new communities that make it possible for us to experience true belonging. Communities that welcome diversity and that appreciate different perspectives, and celebrate uniqueness and individualism. Communities that don't ask us to compromise our core values or who we are just so we can fit in. Communities that embrace standing out from the crowd and encourage speaking out for what we passionately feel.

So that's the story of how all of this came to be. I hope you'll plan to join me in the many events, the classes, and the gatherings that will be offered through the Ritberger Learning Center.

Light & Love,

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If you've been looking for space for your classes and events in the Sierra Nevada Foothills off Highway 50 toward South Lake Tahoe, California, please contact Carol for rental information

Here's a map on how to find us.

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5 of 5 Learning Center April 2, 2018
Reviewer: Linda Potter from Tracy , CA United States  
Fabulous! So wonderful that you have made a gathering place for learning. Much needed and much appreciated.

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