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Psychoillumagery - a Personality Based Wellness Program

Psychoillumagery™ is a personality-based wellness approach created by Carol Ritberger, PhD. The term Psychoillumagery™ means shedding light (illumination) on the hidden, unhealthy psychological (psycho) thoughts and emotions that block good health and overall well-being, and changing them through words and imagery (magery). It's specifically designed to help individuals access the inherent neurological and biological qualities of their personality traits through the mind-body connection for the purpose of healing. Through Psychoillumagery™, old neural pathways are bypassed and new neural pathways are formed. This process, called neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, makes it possible for the brain to reorganize itself for the purpose of (1) transforming the long-term implications of learned behavior and conditioning, (2) releasing the toxic emotional patterns trapped in the subconscious mind, and (3) positively changing the unhealthy psychological contributors responsible for physical illness and mental and emotional trauma.