Webinar Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
Here are some unsolicited quotes we have received from our happy customers.

I purchased the pdf on headaches because I've suffered from them for years. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and quantity of information Carol offered. What a great reference tool. I tried the suggestions offered in the pdf and they worked.
A.H - Chicago, Il
I would highly recommend the Your Health teleclass audio downloads and pdfs to anyone wanting a "whole picture" about illness. I've learned a lot and am less apprehensive about a condition I have.
S.T. - Las Vegas, NV
The audio download on Fibromyalgia gave me the confidence I needed to ask my doctor the right questions. Now, I have hope that I will be able to return my body back to good health.
P.L - Boseman, MT
As an energy worker, I appreciate the time, energy, and the research Carol puts into preparing for the Your Health teleclasses. Every class is a wealth of information? information that I have used with my clients to help them better understand their bodies and their illnesses.
V.S - Sacramento, CA
The information offered in the GERD pdf was complete, concise, and looked at the disorder from a variety of perspectives; physical, mental, emotional, and energetically. I've researched this condition for years and this is the best informational resource I have found.
G.R - Seattle, WA
I began by purchasing the Insomnia pdf because of the difficulty I've had sleeping for 25 years. Once I saw the quality of the information offered and discovered the hidden meanings behind Insomnia, I went back and purchased all of the pdfs as well as all of the audio downloads. What a tremendous source of information.
M.A - Dallas, TX
It's great to get a health issue explained in an easy to understand format. When you're diagnosed with an illness it's overwhelming trying to search for information about it. After reading the Diabetes pdf I not only found the information I needed, I was able to talk to my doctor about the best treatment options to help me get it under control.
B.K - Tampa, FL
I recommended to a friend that she listen to the Breast Cancer teleclass because I believed it would offer her a different perspective of the illness and would offer her hope. She called me after the teleclass and thanked me. She said that she was no longer afraid, and that she had started compiling a list of questions to ask her oncologist. I could hear the confidence in her voice that was lost after the diagnosis. Thank you Carol.
E.P - Scottsdale, AZ