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Welcome to UB Charming! The world of fanciful unique charmed gifts designed to make a statement.

Charms have long been timeless favorites for expressing our interests, our uniqueness and our personality, and for celebrating those meaningful moments in life. For some people, charms strike a nostalgic cord, and for others, they capture special occasions such birthdays, anniversaries, favorite seasons, meaningful holidays, vacations, and even those special girlfriend weekends. Charms say, "I love you", "I care", and "I'm thinking about you." They can inspire, encourage, offer hope and bring joy, and they can reveal favorite activities, the love we have for our pets and even our connection with angels.

We're excited about the UB Charming gift line, whether it's our bracelets, necklaces, earrings, Bowzer Wowzers, Charm It Up Cups™, Charm It™ Collections, or whatever else we can dream up. Each piece is uniquely designed to be fresh, fashionable, fabulous, and most of all fun. And, the really exciting part is that our products open up the world of charming possibilities, which are created to stimulate the imagination.

Speaking about imagination! Do you have an occasion, a theme, or an interest that you would like us to capture? If so let us know. Then we'll see what we can create. If we use your idea, we'll gift you with an original piece of that product line as a way of saying thank you.

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So if you're looking to BEE-CHIC, BEE-SASSY and BEE-SPUNKY, then UB Charming products are where it's at. After all in our world, there can never BEE too much charm.

Come back and visit us often. We'll be adding new UB Charming products continually, and who knows maybe one of those new products will be the result of your BEE-UTIFUL idea.

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